Hardwood Cleaning

Hardwood flooring is square foot for square foot one of the best investments in flooring for your home, so it makes good sense to keep it protected and looking great . Unfortunately there are a lot of myths surrounding how to care for and restore today’s hardwoods. For example, if your hardwood flooring is a pre-finished product that is less than 15 years old there is a good chance it has an aluminum oxide finish that needs different care and service than a more traditional sanded and polyurethane finished hardwood floor. No matter what the species, finish, solid or engineered we have a system of care and restoration to help extend the life of your hardwood and keep it looking great with minimal downtime and mess. It makes great sense to have Advanced Floor Care take your hardwood to a new level of clean as we have all the necessary equipment, experience, and training along with a variety of coatings to protect your floor for years to come.